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- 5 day hunt 

- In stand by 5:00pm each day of the hunt

- day before hunt begins is used to receive tags talk about bear safety, hunt safety our expectations as well as your expectations.

- each hunting site is pre baited 3-6 weeks prior and ready to hunt with a 12-15' ladder stand. with the option of ground blind hunting.

- we accommodate any choice of weapon archery, rifle, black powder, or cross bow.

Lodging and meals  are provided at Paint Lake lodge nestled on the shores of the historic and picturesque Grass River system. To inquire about fishing opportunities while on your hunt contact  Paint Lake Lodge

Bear Hunt Wounding Policy

If you wound a bear and it is not recovered you can continue your hunt but you will remain at the same bait site on which you wounded your bear. If you wound a second bear, sorry your hunt is over.

What to Bring

Weapon and ammunition

Safety belt for stand hunting

Warm clothes

Rain gear

Rubber bottom boots or water repellent boots

Bug spray or thermal cell

Cooler for hides/meat

Flashlight and batteries (headlamp preferred)

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